PPOV 230 - Oct 21, 2022

Oct 21, 2022

The earth experiences cyclical patterns? (Gen. 8:22)​; Limitations upon the government? (Acts 5:29)​; Legal protection for the unborn? (Gen. 25:23); Heterosexual marriage as the societal standard? (Gen. 2:18-25)​; Parental authority over children? (Eph. 6:4)​; Right to keep and bear arms? (Luke 22:36)​; Favor the enforceability of our national borders? (Acts 17:26)​; National sovereignty above global governance? (Gen. 11:1-9)​; Pursuit of peace through strength? (Jer. 17:9)​; Support for the nation of Israel? (Gen. 12:3)​