Legitimate Civil Rights Minority...Or Not?

Author: Andy Woods
Date Written: Sep 6, 2013
From the archives of thewordonpolitics.com
The qualities of a legitimate civil rights minority include possessing an immutable attribute that cannot be changed (such as skin color) and the ability to demonstrate a historical pattern of discrimination because of this immutable characteristic. Racial minorities can easily demonstrate these qualities and are consequently considered a legitimate civil-rights minority within our legal system. The same can be said regarding national origin, age, gender, etc… On the other hand, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and those involved in the transgender lifestyle cannot convincingly demonstrate either of these qualities.

Sadly, as in the below case in San Antonio, legislators are now extending civil rights protection to include lifestyle choices that traditionally have not gone under the umbrella of civil rights minority protection. When this happens, another legal right suffers. In this case, the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of religion and freedom of association take a hit when lifestyle choices are elevated to the level of bonafide civil rights status. For example, I just saw a news story of a Christian owned and operated wedding photography company being taken to court because of their refusal to photograph a gay wedding. Unfortunately, under the existing legislation, the First Amendment rights of the wedding photographer is not even considered and is in fact trampled upon.

This is an unfortunate trend in our legal system that needs to be monitored very carefully since it is ultimately paving the way for what I believe will be the political and legal persecution of true Bible-believing Christianity in America! The stories mentioned can be found below:

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